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81 Minutes

81 Minutes: The I35w Bridge Collapse

This somber exhibit chronicles the August 1st, 2007 I35w bridge collapse in Minneapolis that claimed 13 lives.  The first responders took just 81 minutes to get everyone to safety that day.

Faces of the Bravest - Burlesque filter

Faces of the Bravest

Renowned Fire Photographer Scott Carnahan blessed our museum with an emotional exhibit of the Firefighters of Minneapolis.

Station 8

Station 8

Step back in time to the early 20th century and items from local fire stations that replicate Minneapolis Station 8.

Our Exhibits

We have several exhibits "in-the-works" but listed below are three of them.  Keep checking with us to see how soon they will be ready for visitors!

Minnesota Fire Department Spotlight - 2021
Wildland Firefighting
Fire Department Explorers
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Coming soon!


2021 will bring mini-traveling exhibits from fire departments from around the state. Join us as we journey with them through their departments' histories, events and triumphs.

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Coming soon!


Minnesota Firefighters play a key role in combatting wildfires around the country.  See our upcoming exhibit that educates about wildland firefighting - how they differ from urban firefighting, what are the causes, and what are some of the Minnesota Firefighter stories of fighting them.

Coming soon!


Associated with the Boy Scouts of America, the Fire Department Explorers gives boys & girls aged 14 to 20 the opportunity to see what life as a firefighter is like.

A fantastic program that instills community service, encourages leadership and offers "hands on" career experience.

Come see our exhibit on how this program has influenced past and present Explorers here in Minnesota.


Looking for more information on current and future exhibits?